Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Oh my goodness! How cute is Livia? Just about a year ago I met Livia and took her pictures. Her mom contacted me a year later and drove up from Utah for me to take some updated photos of this beauty. I could not believe how much difference a year makes. She was absolutely perfect the whole time and when her mom pulled out that rock and roll outfit, I melted. She looks so pretty in so many. There were oodles of photos I could have played with all day. Livia's crafty aunt made her amazingly cute hair decor and fun tutu--you can check out her stuff at inspiredbyaveri.blogspot.com So cute.


Jen said...

Adrianne! These turned out so amazing! I love them- can't wait to see the rest:) You are a true artist! Thanks so much

Mandy Brower said...

So So So cute Adrianne!!!