Monday, August 30, 2010


The Roberts family was in desperate need of a great family picture. Their oldest son had just returned from his mission and their oldest daughter was just about to head out on hers so they asked if we could squeeze in a quick photo shoot while all 8kids were together. I was happy to do it. Before our ward split I was in young womens with 3 of their daughters and I love them all. I still ask Sara for a hug every time I see her. We had a good time doing these photos and got some really great shots. I am especially fond of the boy band shots :)


Karen said...

Thanks Adrianne! They look great and we are excited to see the rest.

Jeff said...

I am most proud of my humility, but I think great photos have a bit to do with having handsome men and lots of beautiful females! Thanks for making our photo sessions suc a positive one. No one left being crabby!