Sunday, March 30, 2008


When the Briscoes came over...well, let's just say they weren't really in the mood for pictures. It was so interesting to me that each of them have bright blue eyes, but each is a slightly different shade than the others. Marley (7) is so pretty, and so photogenic. She had a lot of pictures to choose from. Boden (4) did NOT want his picture taken at all, but with a little happy meal bribery we got a couple, and Pip, well she was just along for the ride. Her pictures were posted not too long ago, but I did snap a quick one of her will an orange beaded necklace on that she found in my "dress up tote". It didn't match her outfit, but it was too funny to pass up.

Thursday, March 27, 2008


Oh my goodness, the first thing that I thought when Mylee and I met was that she had the cutest hair I have ever seen! I couldn't get over it. When Mylee got here she had no interest in having her picture taken, but as soon as we started playing dress up she changed her mind. She still was pretty stingy with her smiles, but I did catch a couple of them. I can't believe how cute she is...adorable.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Lindsey & Nate

Lindsey (my little sis) and Nate drove all the way from Salt Lake to have me take their engagements, and the weather...well, lets just say it wasn't very cooperative. So we made do with what we were dealt. They are having a terrible time trying to decide which photo to use for their announcements, so anyone reading this-leave a comment and tell them what you think. They are a happy, fun-loving, free-spirited couple so they are torn as to whether to use a picture that shows their personalities or...they are having a very classy wedding and reception in Salt Lake and their invitation looks quite classical, so they are wondering if they should use a more formal picture. I love them both very much, but haven't been much let them know what you think.

Monday, March 17, 2008


This is my beautiful niece Breelle. I have been wanting to get my hands on this blue eyed beauty for awhile, but things never seem to work out. We had a jam-packed weekend, but we managed to squeeze in a quick 10 minute session in the freezing cold. I plan to take some more of her as soon as we get the chance, so hopefully she will make another appearance soon.

Sunday, March 9, 2008


If Paisley has an on and off switch...the off is broken. This hilarious 13 month old girlie was so funny. She cruised around like no body's business, but would stop occasionally to laugh-hard-at the camera. When Paisley first got here I took the first set and said "Oh, this is going to be easy." Her mommy then replied, "Yeah, right!" Well, as soon as I let her out of the basket she was sitting in she was all over the place. But she was so good, didn't cry at all. She was easy to sit in anything and everything I put her in, scrunch up her face, and smile,--so cute.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Lauren & Savannah

Lauren & Savannh came to me all the way from Tenessee. (They even called me Miss Adrianne which I found to be completely adorable) I had taken their cousins pictures so their mommy asked if they could have a turn when they came to visit. I was very flattered. Lauren is four and as good as they come. She did exactly as I asked, so I took advantage of it, and snapped a ton of shots. Savannah wasn't so much into taking pictures, but with a little Easter candy persuasion she obliged just enough to get some cute pics. I loved meeting both of these beautiful brunettes and their mom and hope I will get a chance to spend time with them again.

Monday, March 3, 2008


I have taken Hallie's pics a few times alread, so I knew ahead of time how stinking cute she is and how smiley she is. I did not anticipate, however, how much a little girl could hate a tutu. It was so funny. I have never had such a reaction to playing dress up. She did not want that thing on. But with a little persuasion using, Swedish fish, gold fish, (which make a few appearances in the pictures) and some kisses from her mommy and daddy we were able to get some darn cute shots. As soon as we got her redressed she put on a great show. There is something about Hallie's eyes that intrigues me, so I find myself taking a lot of close-ups of her. She is so cute and so polite. I just love her.