Friday, March 7, 2008

Lauren & Savannah

Lauren & Savannh came to me all the way from Tenessee. (They even called me Miss Adrianne which I found to be completely adorable) I had taken their cousins pictures so their mommy asked if they could have a turn when they came to visit. I was very flattered. Lauren is four and as good as they come. She did exactly as I asked, so I took advantage of it, and snapped a ton of shots. Savannah wasn't so much into taking pictures, but with a little Easter candy persuasion she obliged just enough to get some cute pics. I loved meeting both of these beautiful brunettes and their mom and hope I will get a chance to spend time with them again.


teamstowell said...

Miss Adrianne! We had so much fun with you! Thank you again for our lovely pictures! Love, Lauren & Savannah

Leslie said...

Kristen your girls are so beautiful. I love these pictures.