Monday, March 3, 2008


I have taken Hallie's pics a few times alread, so I knew ahead of time how stinking cute she is and how smiley she is. I did not anticipate, however, how much a little girl could hate a tutu. It was so funny. I have never had such a reaction to playing dress up. She did not want that thing on. But with a little persuasion using, Swedish fish, gold fish, (which make a few appearances in the pictures) and some kisses from her mommy and daddy we were able to get some darn cute shots. As soon as we got her redressed she put on a great show. There is something about Hallie's eyes that intrigues me, so I find myself taking a lot of close-ups of her. She is so cute and so polite. I just love her.


Bunderson Family said...

Very cute pictures on your blog, and of Hallie. Ashley told me she got her pics done, so I thought I would take a look. Looks great as always.
Jen Bunderson

Wendy in Alaska said...

She gets her cuteness and spunk from me, her aunt!

Nice job on the photos...wish I lived closer.