Thursday, February 28, 2008


Olivia...where to begin. She is incredibly special to say the very least. I fell in love with her immediately. Olivia was born with Down's Syndrome and recently underwent a successful open heart surgery. Her little prescence was so strong it has affected me since I met her. She was so precious and smiled for the first go around, but wanted to be done after that. She got really tired and kept lying down on the floor. She is the most flexible little thing I have ever seen (which her mom explained to me is a side effect of Down's Syndrome). We would sit her up and she would spread her legs into full splits, lay down on her belly and wrap her legs around the rest of the way until she was comfy. It was adorable. I could not quit playing with her pictures last night--too many to choose from. I loved spending time with Olivia and her mom.


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Trisha... it is nice to see Olivia so healthy and well, she is such a beautiful baby, Adrianne did a great job capturing her. Leslie and Cory