Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Emeri was such a kick in the pants. She and I met a couple of months ago and became instant friends. Every time I talk to her she grins from ear to ear. She is 6 months old, and not quite steady sitting just yet. That poor little girl fell over so many times, but didn't cry once. Her mom was especially fun to work with. She was so laid back about dressing Emeri up, and letting me position her however I needed to to get a good picture...and we got plenty. Just look at those chubby cheeks--so much fun! The funniest part, however, might have been when she peed all over me, and I mean all over. It was hilarious.


The Aplington Family said...

So Cute! Great job Adrianne! I can't wait to have you take Tandi's in a month or so.

Monica said...

love the tutu. Hey I found a pattern for that skirt. I will send you the link and see if that is what you want then I will purchase the pattern. Love you!