Thursday, September 2, 2010


Okay I have learned my lesson! I take too many photos! It took me way too long to go through Grady's pictures. I met Grady when we was 12 and told his mom he had a future as an abercrombie model, and I still think he does. What a hottie :) I can't believe he is a crazy. So we went out for his senior photo shoot and took a million photos. There are so many great ones. I am so glad it's not me that has to choose the one for his yearbook! I just think Grady is the best kid. He is such a great example to my little guys. He comes from an amazing family.


Kaci said...

You did an AMAZING job!! Thanks! ;)

sam and kyrsten said...

gray dizzle lookin good! this is my little sisters boyfriend! and i sure do like him! great photos