Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Kimberlings

I la la la la love the Kimberlings. They made their way from Malad to get some fun shots of the kids for their Christmas cards. Momma Kimberling was really worried that little Jaxson would be fussy for the shoot, but he was an all-star. What she hadn't anticipated, however, was that 2-year-old Joseph might give us a run for our money. We worked pretty hard to pull some smiles out of him and managed to grab a few, but my favorites are of him looking at me like, "Don't you dare..." Big sis, Hallee looked perfect in all of them. They turned out so fun. Their mom said she was considering making the last photo the star of the Christmas card with the caption, "Some are naughty, some are nice..." That would bring me great joy...too funny.