Saturday, December 3, 2011


Little Mr. Crew has been coming to me for his pictures since he was just a few days old, and I wont lie...I really look forward to taking this little guy's photos. He is so stinking cute! and always dressed to the nines.  I just love him. We started out with the little rocking chair, and he LOVED it. When we tried some without it, though, he was not so happy about it. He requested "chair" over and over. It took a few minutes for Crew to warm up to me, but with promises of a tickle if he didn't smile, he put on quite a show. I need to apologize for teaching him to throw rocks...oops, but he sure had fun doing it :)


Ashram said...
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jolantaprus said...

He is so cute :)! I like your pictures! Check out my blog