Monday, April 20, 2009

Mike & Melissa

Mike & Melissa were so stinking fun to work with. They are such a great couple. We met in Malad for their engagement pictures. The theme of their wedding is vintage/rustic, so they wanted to head in that direction for their pictures. Malad is definitely the right place for that. We drove all over town and found some really great spots. There were so many I liked that I had a terrible time choosing which ones to be on the blog. Besides the crazy wind it was such a fun shoot!


Hieb Family said...
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Monica said...

These are by far my favorite couple pics you have taken (that I've seen anyway). I love these. Great work Ad.

mcjohnson said...

Thanks Adrianne, I love them and keep looking at them. You did a great job.I can't decide on a favorite so if anybody has any input let me know. I'm excited to see the others.