Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Kabree is one very special little girlie who has made a pair of my friends awfully happy. She came to my house when she was just 8 days old for her first formal photo shoot...and she was PERFECT! I loved that Kabree was so tiny that she fit into/onto every prop I attempted. She slept like a log for the the whole thing. At one point we thought she might be awake for some of the last pictures, but as soon as she snuggled into position she was right back to snoozing. She is adorable and probably the easiest baby I've ever taken pictures of. I am so happy for this new family.


Zach and Jessi said...

Ad I love them!! They turned out so cute, thank you so much for doing them!

Nate & Lindsey said...

I think she is adorable. I love how tiny she is in those tutu's! It is fun to finally see her after all the amazing stories I've heard. Precious!