Wednesday, October 26, 2011


This is my cutest niece, Teagan. We did her pictures quite awhile ago, but sadly when I am buried deep in pictures, my family has to wait a little longer to get theirs done. So after a little push from her mom I busted through them this weekend. Then...because blogger makes me want to tear my hair has taken me 4 days to get them uploaded!! But beyond all of this, this photo shoot was beyond words fun, hilarious, you name it! Teagan, well let's just say she has a mind of her own. So each frame she reposed herself and said, "How about this? How about this?" We figured out a long time ago that this little lady does better with just the two of us, but after biting my cheeks trying to contain myself, I made her mom and grandma listen in on the last set, and watched them crack up the whole time. My favorite part...when in the end Teagan said, "I can't wait for family pictures!"

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Jillene said...

I love love these pictures. My vision was only a taste of how amazing you created these pictures. Thanks so much. I am so lucky that you pamper our family with all these amazing photos.