Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Lambs

I took these two little Lamb's pictures a couple of years ago and I was so excited when their mom contacted me to update their photos. I couldn't believe how much they had grown up since their our last shoot. They were both super shy at first, but it didn't take long for them to warm up and start showing their true personalities. They were so funny together, and I got a bunch of fun shots of the two of them being oh so cute. With a little gum bribery we ended up with some really fun shots.


Cason, Katie Jo, and Creighton said...

I have the cutest cousins!

Pastor Perry said...

BEAUTIFUL FAMILY! Thank you for sharing and allowing me to come into your world. I would like to be a blessing to you each and everyday. Please share my site with your friends so I may be a blessing to them as well. You can visit me at http://perrythepastor.blogspot.com/

ajwilliams said...

I tried to send you an email, but not sure it went through (spelled your name wrong the first time). I am a friend of Amy Johnson and saw your link on her blog. Just wanted you to know what an amazing talent you have. Such beautiful photos, and love your blog. Would love to know how to "subscribe" to your blog. Contact me if you have a minute. Thank you..Angela Williams email ajwilliams1000@yahoo.com