Thursday, August 11, 2011

Kunz Family

The Kunz family asked me if I wouldn't mind coming to their cabin to take their family photos. My family and I were all so excited to go. Right when we got there they gave us a preview of some of their ideas for photo locations, and it was no question which spot was my favorite. The whole area was amazing and the lighting was perfect. I couldn't believe how pretty it was even while I was shooting I was in awe. This fun family's colors came together perfectly with the surroundings, and I LOVE how their photos turned out! We had such a fun time with the Kunz clan, they are such good friends!

1 comment:

M.Y.V Photoworks® said...

I like the fifth,
looks cool LOL!
I feel like it was a movie XD

I like the baby's pictures too~
aww, so cute >u<