Friday, March 18, 2011

The Reel Family

The Reels got in touch with me to take some family pictures and some individual shots of their little guy, Dixon. I was excited to hear from them. The last time I was in front of them with a camera was on their wedding day. I love getting to shoot the follow up to a wedding with a new little person. Dixon was so cute the whole time-all smiles. Dixon's daddy is headed to Afghanistan in a couple of weeks, so he brought along his Marine's gear for props and it was so fun to take pictures of this little guy in camouflage. I wish them all the best.


alex said...

so cute baby..
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Brook Wms said...

They turned out SO cute! You are so creative.... so, I think I decided to wait until the weather warms up a bit so we can do outdoor photos...super excited :)

Luke and Shayna Waldron said...

Hi, This is Shayna Waldron. I heard that you might want to have a class reunion in our backyard in Samaria. Give us a call sometime. 208-766-4139 and we can figure it out. Shayna and Luke

Luke and Shayna Waldron said...

By the way, the pictures of this darling boy are so adorable.