Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Creighton 1 year

Creighton turned one and we shot his photos on his real birthday! It has been so fun documenting all of the stages of Creighton's first year. His mom wanted to do some formal shots and then some infamous cake eating ones too. Once we got him nakee and the cake set up we sat him in front of the cake and something happened that I have never witnessed in this situation. Creighton actually laid down on his belly and went to town. Both Creighton's parents and I nearly laughed ourselves silly while witnessing him wolf down almost half of that cake. Holy cow it was funny! I took so many shots, but each moment was so funny I couldn't help myself. They all turned out so fun!

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Cason, Katie Jo, and Creighton said...

So hard to pick a favorite... they are all wonderful!! Thanks!!