Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Joan Williams Familly

These two beauties are two of my very favorite people in the world. They are my second family, and I spent half of my teen years with them. They are two of the strongest people I will ever know. I was excited when Joan asked my to take their family photos. Their family is spread out all over so when they were finally coming all together for Thanksgiving it was the perfect opportunity for some family shots. It was a bitter cold morning so we made quick work and got some fun shots. There are such a great family.


Alli E. said...

Wow! Those pictures in the snow are gorgeous!!

Jeanne Tjon A San said...

I was browsing while i found your blog, absolute genius.

I'm also a photographer, but recently started.
You inspired me to continue.
Keep up the beautiful work.

custom embroidery on t-shirt said...

thats the art of photo shooting! every angle should be considered to have an attractive photo images.