Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Paul & Heather

Paul and Heather came to me for their engagement photos. Paul's sister booked me, so I didn't even know their names when we met. I could see they were a little nervous, so I just started taking pictures when Paul asked if I was going to pose them. I told them that I don't do that...they have to come up with their own poses. They both started squirming and looking at each other like, "who did we hire??" But I erupted in laughter as did they when I told them I was only kidding. After that we had a great time together. They warned me that they weren't very photogenic, and they were totally wrong! The pictures all turned out really well. There is no question that these two are in love.


aironn said...

I love looking at your pictures. They are always amazing. If you ever feel like taking location shots a bit further south.......It took me a minute to figure out how I knew Heather. She worked for Gary! Is she still with the Forest Service? Tell her congrats when you see her again. She looks amazingly happy.

Jasonites said...

Thank you Adrianne for doing their pictures and getting the disc back to them so quickly. The pictures turned out awesome! They told me about the joke you played on them-pretty funny!