Friday, July 31, 2009

The Walkers

The Walkers are such a great family. I was lucky enough to get to know them in my last ward. This past weekend all of the cousins were in town for "cousin camp" so Grandma placed a call to see if we could get a photo of all of them together. There were all sorts of actions, sounds, and chaos going on behind me to get all 13 of these cute faces pointing in the proper direction, and all of our hard work paid off. I thought all of the photos turned out well. I just loved these old red barns...they made awesome backgrounds for this awesome family.


Brenda said...

Adrianne, you are so good!! I love the pictures. Thanks for all your effort to get our grandkids looking their best. I can't wait to get an enlargement of one with grandma, grandpa and all our sweet grandchildren. Thank you, thank you.

Kim said...

They're perfect! Thanks for enduring the chaos, I think it paid off. you were awesome to work with! We had a great time.

Jessica said...

HI Adrianne,
Wow!! ALL the pictures you posted are awesome!! You did a wonderful job even among the craziness of working with all of us! You are very talented! Thank you--can't wait to see them all!