Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Spilletts

I love the Spilletts! They are seriously the best kids ever. We have been trying to figure out a time te get all four of them here since Trey was born, and we finally did it. They all were totally cooperative (even though the Wii was calling their names downstairs). Even Baby Trey smiled from ear to ear the whole time. I always say it's easy to be a good photographer when the subjects are this cute. There were so many good shots that I literally was getting dizzy going through them over and over to try to pick favorites.


Julie said...


All of your pictures are just awesome. You do a great job. Cori gave me your blog address to take a peak. Very impressive. Do you mind if I post a link for your blog on mine.

Julie Bigler

Lindsay Marie Photography said...

You did an awesome job on these photos. My husband is Cori's cousin and her mom showed me these pictures and I fell in love with them...and you are right, they are some of the cutest kids ever!!