Tuesday, December 16, 2008


When the Madsen's called me to tell me that they wanted pictures at 1:30 in the afternoon I thought they were nuts. But, I also knew that getting an entire family together could be quite a feat so with little argument I agreed. They chose a really cool cabin style home in Malad as their background, and I thought it worked really well. They were a riot to spend time with, and are such a great family.


Glen said...

OK - This is for both the "Madsens" and Adrianne. Adrianne, I was looking at Tracy's grandbabies and saw the Madsen link. Boy was I surprised to see who it was.

Frank & Donna Gayle - nice family picture! How neat to have everyone together. Bet you didn't know we lived across the street from Adrianne! Glen & Jeanne

Bo and Nell said...

You are AMAZING!!! I love looking at your pics!!!