Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Besides the fact that 3-month-old Anna has acid reflux and puked all over me the first time I picked her up I loved having her here :) She was so cute to smile and laugh the whole time so I got a million good frames. In the end she finally tired out and fell asleep so we were also able to get some of those "sleepy baby" pics. I LOVED so many of her photos, I seriously could have posted every single one. I had a terrible time choosing favorites. She is adorable.


Nicki Muir said...

We are so happy with these pictures! You are such a talented photographer! Thanks so much- Brian and Nicki

LaRue said...

I loved the pictures of my granddaughter, you did a beautiful job and she is one of my cutest grand kids on earth.

The Boulant Family said...

This is Valerie West's sister, Tiffany. I found this blog on her site! Your photography is gorgeous! I need to find someone like to take pictures of my children!;)