Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Parker & Tandi

I have taken Tandi and Parkers pictures quite a few times, and Parker is not usually much of a fan. But this time was different. He actually kept asking when he got to have his picture taken, and smiled like a champ the whole time. He was perfect. Tandi, on the other hand, was very disinterested in having her picture taken, and playing dress up was out of the question. She had the most hilarious scoot on her bum. Each time I would position her she would scoot her cute little bum back and forth until she reached her mommy...thus, the chair and dragonfly to keep her occupied. She is so cute.


The Aplington Family said...

Thanks Adrianne for taken my kids pictures. And thanks for being patient with Tandi! Your the best!

Anonymous said...
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aironn said...

Adorable pictures!