Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Wheeler and Carter

Little Wheeler came for his close-up when he was 5 days old. I could not believe his fun hair. I took his mom and dad's wedding pictures and his big brother's pictures a couple of times so I couldn't wait to meet the new little addition. It took all of about 10 seconds for Carter to have me wrapped around his cute little finger. He was so funny calling his new little brother "Baby Wee." Well Baby Wee took a good while to get to sleep, but once he was out he was amazing. I couldn't believe that he kept smiling like he knew what was going on. Such cute boys.


johan said...


Body Armour said...

so cute baby like me. i gone away in my childhood when i am 6 years old such this cute baby.

Jerri Chan said...

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Ayush Verma said...

Lovely kid!!

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