Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Walsh Fam

This is the Walsh family. I had never taken their photos before, so I was excited when they asked if I could. We had a little delay with a broken tooth :) but they lucked out and the weather held up for them. These three little boys are such good kids. You can tell they have good parents. They did exactly as they were asked...with maybe the exception of getting little Bryson to smile. He was a little stingy with his grins, but I managed to steal a few and get some really fun photos of both him and his family. They are great. My only disappointment was that they had planned to wear wife beaters and changed their minds...I was really looking forward to that ;)

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RCS said...

Ah! A very good looking family indeed!

I lived for 2 years in Bonnie Scotland, and had a roommate at one point with last name Walsh. Good man.

So you must be good folk as well.

Just browsing and saw your blog. Nicely done.

So, I'm Richard.

You can see me here:

Best Wishes to all!