Monday, November 22, 2010

The Mace Fam

Oh how I love this little family! I love love love any chance that I get to see them. So when they called me to do the family pictures I was way excited. It was a cold day, but not freezing so we lucked out. They came with bags of clothing (like usual) but I was most excited for the tutu converse fun! The girls were perfect they did absolutely everything I asked. Now Koop on the other hand...well, he wasn't so into the whole photo shoot thing. But after some distractions and a little hard work I was able to catch his charm. I love these pictures and I am so excited to pass them off because I'm so tired of trying to pick faves! Sure do love the Maces.

1 comment:

macefam said...

Those are some of the cutest kids I have ever seen. Great job as always. Best photographer around!