Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Martinsen Fam

What to say about these 3 people!! I love all three of them so much. They have been our friends through thick and thin, and have helped us in so many ways. Funny enough we set them up on a blind date 10 years ago!! They had both just been through a break up and my husband and I thought this would be a red-headed match made in heaven :) We were so right! (And let's just say they both ended up with the better end of the deal!!) Look how hilarious that little boy is. He just makes me laugh! Oh I loved doing their pictures and loved how they turned out!


Kac said...
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Kac said...

Oh man their boy is dang cute!

Gotta love that fire burnin' hair! :]

Anonymous said...

Like i said before the we took the pictures - I couldn't wait for you to work your magic! You are unbelievable talented. Thanks so much for being a best buddy and for how great the pictures turned out. And I do agree I couldn't have been any luckier to blessed with Marshal and Brex.

love you guys M&M&B