Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Brower Kids

I took the Brower boys' pictures last fall, and I was excited to see them again. I couldn't believe the difference the year had made. Last year I tried and tried to get these little fellows to smile, and it was HARD...this time, however, it wasn't at all. They put on a great show for me. The smiles weren't the only things to have changed, though. These boys just got a new baby sister and she was ready for her close-up at only 5 days old. Avery was a champ. She was so stinking cute. Her daddy is a basketball coach, so her mom wanted some fun pics for dad's office...I loved how they turned out.

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The Brower Family said...

Adrianne, I love these pictures!!!! They turned out so cute!! I'm excited to see the rest!! Thanks so much!! You are very talented!!