Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Lowrys

We have been waiting to do the Lowry's family pictures for a long time...braces being the culprit. But we were finally able to head up to City Creek for their family pictures and we snapped a quick few at the end for Alicia's senior pics. It ended up being a perfect day for pictures. The leaves were beautiful, as was the weather. They teased the way I would say sssmmmille before each picture, which I had never noticed before so it was easy to keep them smiling, mostly laughing.


lowryclan4 said...

hey ad!! thanks for taking the pictures!! they turned out looking freakin awesome!!! oh and don't forget to sssmmmmiiillleee!!! and of course my pictures looked b-e-a-utiful!!
thanks again

West Family said...

the family pics of the lowry's are great! i love them~! my sister and i were just saying - where were you when we got married!? you are so good! i tagged you by the way - but it has been a month since you posted - are you ok? check out my blog for the rules if you want to play - thanks!