Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Beard Twins

I wont lie, when I scheduled 9 month old twins, Dawson & Beck for pictures I was a little nervous. That feeling quickly left when I met these these two scrumptious boys, though. They were so good; they melted me. According to Mom, Beck (blue eyes) is usually the smiler, but it was Dawson who seemed to be enjoying himself at my house. I had to laugh that both of them tried to take a bite out of the props...too cute.

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Dille Fam said...

Okay those are adorable! You do such a good job. I am sad because we just got our family pictures done today. I wanted you to do them, but didn't know with the holidays coming when we'd get to Pocatello! I love your close ups. I am nervous to see how ours turned out because I know I'll be bummed you didn't do them! You have a talent for sure! Next time!