Thursday, July 17, 2008


Taylor is as sweet as they come. She was a soft spoken, dress-up loving, well mannered, little miss. Although she has a lot of serious looking photos, Taylor really was happy the whole time she was here. Her smiles were just quick. She LOVED the whole concept of dressing up. She would go pick a tu tu, sit for a quick shot, only a few seconds, and go back to the tote to try something else on. I also loved her facial expressions. Although she didn't say a whole lot...her face told the whole story. I just loved having Taylor here.


Katy Andersen said...

Adrianne, these turned out SO beautifully!! Thankyou so so so much!

Mike & Kristen said...

You may have been taking pictures of Taylor, but you caught her mommy in all of them. They are beautiful. Do you come to Boise area at all????
Kristen Jack (Katy's friend from childhood)