Monday, June 23, 2008

Maddy & Kaitlyn

Maddy (2) is one funny little girl. I honestly don't know how her mommy keeps up with her. She was good to sit for a few quick shots, but a picture with her little sister was out of the question. Although I only had maybe five minutes of Maddy's attention, I think I was able to get some fun shots that really captured her personality. Kaitlyn (3 months) is an angel baby. She is so adorable with all of that long dark hair. She smiles so much, and performed perfectly. I only wish I could have had my hands on her for a few more.


Denise (the mommy) said...

Well done! I am very impressed that you got Maddy to sit still for even one shot. You captured Kaitlyn's little personality perfectly.It was fun and I will definitely come back for more. Thanks!

Tyrell & Jaime said...

What an adorable baby I love those pictures!!